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Sean O’Loughlin and Symphoria salute Broadway with this full orchestra program, which includes music from Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story, Phantom, Hamilton, and many more!

Join us pre-concert (7:15 PM EST) for a Broadway-inspired “Cocktail 1/4 Hour” with Sean O’Loughlin and Epicuse! Find the recipes below or call Epicuse at (315) 960-1920 to order a pre-packaged “Cocktail Kit”

Maestro’s Manhattan

1 oz Templeton Rye – or your favorite Rye

2 oz Sweet Vermouth

Dash of Bitter Housewife Manhattan Aromatic

Orange Peel

Tillen Farms Bada Bing Cherries

Alexander Hamilton Fizz

1.5 oz Tommy Rotter Gin

Dash Mint Simple Syrup

Aura Bora Lavender Cucumber Sparkling Water

Lime Garnish



BENNETT(Arr.): Sound of Music
HEARSHEN(Arr.): Fiddler on the Roof
LONGFELD(Arr.): Somewhere from West Side Story
LOWDEN (Arr.): Selections from Les Miserables
CUSTER(Arr.): Phantom of the Opera
BRUBAKER (Arr.): Suite from Hamilton
MOORE (Arr.): Wave through a Window from Dear Evan Hansen
O’LOUGHLIN(Arr.): The Greatest Showman
RICKETTS(Arr.): Selections from Wicked